NewsThe UPV Awards our colleague Maitane
February 26, 2020by BIOLAN HEALTH
Maitane Urien, Biotechnologist at OSASEN, specialising in the development and application of enzymatic biosensors for the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and therapies, has received the diploma for the best qualification of her class in the master’s degree in biomedical research, which she has completed at the UPV/EHU.
Graduating with honours is something that rarely happens in life; it is the result of great effort and personal demand.
Students who have completed their studies with brilliant records deserve not only applause, but also recognition for their perseverance and hard work year after year. This is why the UPV recognises their academic excellence.
OSASEN would also like to recognise the effort that Maitane has made in her training and we would like to continue to support her in her professional development.