It was created by the company BIOLAN Microbiosensores, after identifying an interesting opportunity to diversify its business towards the health market.

INNOVATION AND BIOSENSORSWe develop and manufacture a new biosensors generation.

Point of Care devices based on advanced detection systems, intended for the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic patients, drugs and therapies.

The technological challenges are perfectly aligned with BIOLAN HEALTH’s strategy and with BIOLAN’s know-how in the biotechnology, electrochemistry and electronics fields, These three disciplinesallow us to develop our own applications based on enzymatic biosensors and lateral flow immunoassays.

BIOLAN HEALTH also has the capacity granted by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), through the previous sanitary license of operation, to carry out the manufacturing activity of medical devices such as Point of Care devices for in vitro diagnosis of different parameters in biological fluids.

QUALITYOur work philosophy is linked to our commitment to quality.

All processes, and consequently our products, share the same level of excellence and are oriented towards continuous improvement.

All areas of the company are subjected to an evaluation system based on monitoring, auditing and certification.

As a guarantee of our commitment, the company is certified according to the ISO 13485: 2016 Directive 98/79/EC on medical devices for in vitro diagnostics and CE marking for our products.


OUR TEAMWe have a multidisciplinary team formed by highly qualified professionals.

The combination of excellent capabilities allows us to offer a highly competitive service.

MISION/VISION Our objective

BIOLAN HEALTH uses technologies such as microfluidic biotechnology, microelectronics and new materials to address the development of a new generation of Point Of Care (PoC) devices based on biological systems of recognition and electrochemical detection, which carry out the entire analytical process from the sample application to its analysis.

To offer the healthcare market cost-efficient solutions for the monitoring and detection of parameters of interest that help make effective decisions in diagnosis, as well as in the prevention and/or monitoring of patients and therapies.

To achieve this goal, BIOLAN HEALTH manages technologies such as biotechnology, microfluidics, microelectronics and new materials to address the development of a new generation of in vitro diagnostic devices based on two technologies that have proven to be very effective for easy detection, fast, non-invasive and economical for a large number of biological markers for the medical sector:

  • Enzymatic biosensors based on electrochemical detection and screen-printing technology.
  • Lateral flow immunoassays.


BIOLAN HEALTH meets the demands of the health sector.
  • It pursues products with high sensitivity, specificity, reliability, simplicity and speed for diagnosis and monitoring of chronic patients, drugs and therapies.
  • It seeks its own differentiated development to meet specific unmet needs.

PARTNERSFrom the laboratory to the patient

BIOLAN HEALTH is committed to transferring knowledge derived from research to the healthcare field.

Collaboration between research companies and healthcare systems is essential in order to facilitate technology transfer through healthcare products and health services to the population.

Bridging the gap between research results and patient care undoubtedly contributes to the improvement of people’s health.

In pursuit of this goal, BIOLAN HEALTH maintains a collaborative work spirit, in its desire to incorporate important organisations, institutions and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies into its partnership network.


CORPORATE GOVERNANCES RULES BIOLAN HEALTH, social commitment inside and outside the company

BIOLAN HEALTH is addressing the development of a new generation of biosensors.

The management of BIOLAN HEALTH is committed to responsible management of the company, in such a way that, being at the forefront of innovation, it could become an international benchmark in its sector. These activities are carried out within an organisational system in which the ethical principles of the company’s social responsibility take precedence:

  • Adopting advanced corporate governance practices, based on business transparency; also transferring them to dependent companies and suppliers.
  • Complying with the current legislation in the countries in which the company operates, as well as adopting standards and guidelines commonly used in international trade.
  • Respecting workers’ rights, promoting a framework of labour relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, with special attention to the promotion of a safe working environment.
  • Establishing transparent processes with all the value chain company members, disseminating truthful information on the operations carried out.
  • Providing users all relevant product and marketed services.
  • Encouraging transparency and freemarket rules, rejecting bribery and corruption practices.