The PoC solutions developed, produced and marketed by BIOLAN HEALTH are based on two technologies that have proven to be highly effective for the simple, rapid, non-invasive and cost-effective detection of a large number of parameters of interest in the medical sector.
These technologies are:
• Enzymatic biosensors based on electrochemical detection and screen-printing technology.
• Lateral flow immunoassays.
Enzymatic biosensors based on electrochemical detection and screen-printing technology:

They are presented as a powerful tool for the development of PoC devices, as they combine the high specificity of enzymes, with the advantages of electrochemical methods, including easy handling, sensitivity and compatibility with screen-printing, which allows the low-cost mass production of miniaturised devices. This has led to a steady growth in recent years in the development of enzymatic biosensors for application in the detection of a wide variety of analytes.

The operation of these biosensors is based on the immobilisation of an enzyme (chosen so that the substrate of this enzyme is the analyte to be determined) on the electrochemical transducer, which, after being exposed to a sample containing the target analyte, will transform the biological recognition process (which occurs between the enzyme and the analyte) into a quantifiable response (such as a current) that will allow us to determine the presence of the analyte in the sample analysed.

Lateral flow immunoassays:

Lateral flow (LF) immunoassays, such as the world-renowned pregnancy test, have dominated the rapid diagnostic market. These devices, based on the use of nitrocellulose membranes to support immunological reactions, are portable, fast and easy to use, allowing for Point of Care, PoC testing.

The operation of this type of FL immunosensors is based on the migration of a sample through a porous paper substrate, on which the immunological reactions take place. If the analyte is present in the sample, it can be detected visually by the appearance of a coloured band. This visual evaluation allows a qualitative analysis, but could be analysed quantitatively by means of a portable FL strip reader.

Ongoing projects

BIOLAN HEALTH is committed to collaborative projects as a way to increase its knowledge and technical skills.
PoC devices based on microfluidic and biosensory technologies for in vitro diagnostics

Acronym: OSASEN

Financing Program: Programa NEOTEC

Duration: 2018-2019


Funding body: CDTI- Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial

OSAVIT: PoC device for the detection and monitoring of Vitamin D deficiency based on 25(OH)D quantification

Acronym: OSAVIT

Financing Program: HAZITEK

Duration: 2020

Participants: BIOLAN HEALTH

Funding body: Gobierno Vasco

OSAVIT: Point of Care Device for Vitamin D deficiency monitoring

Acronym: OSAVIT

Financing Program: H2020-INNOSUP 

Duration: 2019

Participants: BIOLAN HEALTH

Funding body: European Commission

Design of optimised biosensor platforms for application in the development of Point of Care devices.


Financing Program: BIKAINTEK

Duration: 2019-2023

Participants: BIOLAN HEALTH

Funding body: Gobierno Vasco

POCVIT: PoC device for the monitoring of vitamin D deficiency

Acronym: POCVIT

Financing Program: TORRES QUEVEDO

Duration: 2019-2022

Participants: BIOLAN HEALTH

Funding body: MICINN

Funding Institutions