NewsBIOLAN HEALTH receives the START-UP MEDTECH 2022 TECNALIA award¿Como-se-valida-su-uso-2-1280x720.png
March 7, 2023by BIOLAN HEALTH

The first edition of the Medtech 2022 Tecnalia awards was held on 14 February in Donostia. The programme will support start-ups in the health sector that are working in biomedical engineering, medical robotics, neuroengineering and digital health. Five technology-based companies, including BIOLAN HEALTH, received awards.

TECNALIA is the largest centre for applied research and technological development in Spain and a major benchmark in Europe. It collaborates with companies and institutions to improve their competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth in the sector.

BIOLAN HEALTH is a biotechnology start-up created in 2014 that develops and commercialises biosensors, fast and reliable in vitro diagnostic systems for the health industry. Collaboration between research companies is essential for efficient technology transfer in the form of healthcare products and services to society. Together with TECNALIA, we seek to explore new technologies and integrate them into our current systems.

The  General Director, Jesus Valero, presented the projects that will be carried out this year. Our colleagues Larraitz Añorga, CEO of BIOLAN HEALTH and Graciela Martinez, Head of the Electrochemistry Department attended the ceremony on behalf of the company. From now on we will receive support and advice from TECNALIA to identify needs and thus improve our services and products. The aim of this programme is to interrelate and share experiences and connections with other companies and organisations in the health sector value chain. We would therefore like to thank TECNALIA for the support and trust placed in BIOLAN HEALTH.