ENZYMATIC BIOSENSOROSAXYL 7000: for hypolactasia diagnosis

  • Fast: results in just 30 seconds.
  • Easy to use: only requires a sample dilution.
  • Non-invasive: uses urine samples.
  • Accurate: diagnostic accuracy of 95.5%.


The OSAXYL measurement system is a portable tool that aid to get an accurate and reliable diagnosis of hypolactasia (lactose intolerance) by detecting xylose in urine after ingestion of the LacTEST® drug. OSAXYL is the result of a collaboration with Venter Pharma.

OSAXYL is a PoC device composed of:

  • The OSAXYL7000 measuring device, a portable electronic reader able to correlate the electrochemical signals obtained, with the amount of xylose present in urine samples.
  • The OSAXYL disposable test strips, based on screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) functionalised with a highly selective biological recognition element.

The OSAXYL measuring system has the following advantages over other methods of lactose intolerance diagnosis:

  • Non-invasive: In contrast to an intestinal biopsy.
  • Fast: Results in as little as 30 seconds instead of waiting hours like the hydrogen or capillary glycaemia tests.
  • Non-traumatic for the patient: The amount of lactose or lactose analogous administered is so small that it does not generate serious symptoms in hypolactasic patients like other tests.
  • Laboratory tests carried out have demonstrated a sensitivity and specificity equal or even superior to those of traditional methods.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the OSAXYL measurement system, please send an email to: sales@biolanhealth.com.