NewsUncategorizedBIOLAN HEALTH has developed “OSAXYL”, a PoC solution for lactose intolerance diagnosis in 40 seconds.
June 9, 2021by BIOLAN HEALTH

The OSAXYL measurement system developed by BIOLAN HEALTH is an accurate, simple and fast portable tool to diagnose hypolactasia.

 The OSAXYL measurement system developed by BIOLAN HEALTH is an accurate, simple, fast and portable tool to quantify intestinal lactase activity levels, the cause of lactose intolerance, in urine. OSAXYL will improve the health and quality of life of people with lactose intolerance, allowing a convenient, easy, reliable and fast diagnosis.

 OSAXYL is a PoC (Point of Care) device consisting on an electronic reader, OSAXYL7000, and disposable test strips based on biofunctionalised screen-printed electrodes (SPEs). The measurement is based on a correlation between the electrochemical signals obtained from urine samples and the intestinal lactase activity, after the oral administration of the diagnostic drug LacTEST® developed by VENTER PHARMA.

 Currently, there are different methods for lactose intolerance diagnosis widely used in healthcare systems, such as the hydrogen test, capillary glycaemia test, intestinal biopsy or genetic tests. However, almost all of them are invasive methods, with the consequent discomfort for the patient, and involve tedious preparation procedures for the test and analysis protocols. OSAXYL revolutionises the concept of diagnosis in this area, with advantages over existing methods and, more importantly, with a validated sensitivity (95.2%) and specificity (93.5%) far superior to those of traditional methods.

 The competitive advantages of OSAXYL are evident and BIOLAN HEALTH already has the necessary capacities to start its industrial manufacture, which will be launched on the market in June.

BIOLAN HEALTH, the health division of the Basque group BIOLAN, thus reinforces its product portfolio, within the framework of its strategy of offering solutions to specific problems in the field of pathology diagnosis and monitoring of therapies and drugs.