May 31, 2022by BIOLAN HEALTH

Last Wednesday, 18 May, the first in-person edition of the Digital Transformation Forum entitled “Technology with an impact on health” was held, bringing together more than fifty companies and professionals to present some of the most innovative applications in the health sector in the Basque Country.

BIOLAN HEALTH was present at the event held in Bilbao along with other firms focused on the health sector. All the participating projects are linked to innovation and to covering new technological needs that arise over time, such as occupational prevention or improving the quality of life of dependent or elderly people. Digital health currently places prevention and self-care as the key to the future of the healthcare system.

The Digital Transformation Forum served to highlight the current context of technology and the impact it is having on people, covering all kinds of needs and, in short, improving their day-to-day lives.

In the case of BIOLAN HEALTH, we highlighted the role of biosensors in detecting and managing future health crises, but fundamentally we presented our OSAXYL 7000 equipment, a portable analysis device connected to the cloud for the diagnosis of lactose intolerant people by measuring xylose in urine, as well as our own digital platform OSASENglobal, which facilitates the management of data and results. Our General Manager, Asier Albizu, also gave a brief outline of other projects on which we are working, always aimed at facilitating health monitoring and care.

Other companies from the sector such as Quida, InitHealth, Gogoa Mobility Robots, Accexible, Legit.healt and 3DLAN.Org also participated in the meeting.

We thank the Digital Transformation Forum for the opportunity to participate in the meeting and look forward to future events that promote the sharing of innovative projects that add so much value to the digitalisation of the health sector.