NewsBIOLAN HEALTH new brand for OSASEN, simultaneously reinforced with a new Managing Director
June 24, 2020by BIOLAN HEALTH

A new phase has begun for OSASEN, which in addition to changing its name to BIOLAN HEALTH, with the consequent change of image, has also reinforced its organisational structure with the appointment of Dr. Larraitz Añorga as General Manager.

The change of company name and commercial name to BIOLAN HEALTH aims to reinforce its identity as a biotechnology company focused on the Health sector within the BIOLAN MICROBIOSENSORS group, to which it currently belongs entirely, positioning it in the international market of biosensorics applied to diagnostics.

In addition, the new leadership of the recently appointed General Manager, Larraitz Añorga, is sure to set BIOLAN HEALTH on a course well oriented towards interesting business opportunities in which to apply the developed proprietary technology, such as those already underway, among which the development of the new serological test for the rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 stands out in the current global context.